All production (camera, direction, edit) by Christopher Keiser

Shot and edited after the stage and uploaded before most fans had their dinner.

Stybar has a premonition before the cobbled stage of the 2015 TdF.

Lucky to have the relationship that I do with Alberto. A consummate professional, he sat with me every other day during this successful campaign. These were edited and uploaded within an hour of the race departures.

Shot and edited entirely by Christopher Keiser with exception of motion graphics.

Forgive my horrible Italian and German, it's not always easy switching between 4 languages and the heat made my brain slower than usual. Oh yeah, and I hadn't slept in 2.5 weeks. This was shot, edited and posted by 20h30 the day of the stage. Be sure to stay after the break to see Didi the Diablo! I shot most of this with the exception of when I'm seen on-camera with the mic. Additional camera credit to excellent assistant, Yann-Yves Crosby.

All production and concept by Christopher Keiser.